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What Is A Green Builder?
As a Certified Green ProfessionalTM, Custom Green Construction knows that being a green builder and green general contractor requires planning, education, experience and a willingness to incorporate the best sustainable and environmentally friendly products and techniques.

When green builders and green general contractors undertake new buildings and remodels, the start with the site, evaluating it to minimize the environmental impact. They design the building from foundation to roof to improve energy efficiency and reduce wastage. They choose materials that are not only sustainable but are, wherever possible, available locally - moving materials over long distances also has an environmental impact.

A green builder and green general contractor is concerned with the immediate costs of green building as well as the long term return on investment. When a homeowner, landlord or commercial building owner is committed to green building, that commitment should be rewarded with cost-effective construction, a healthier indoor environment, easy maintenance and a great resale value. Green general contractors keep abreast of New Hampshire Energy Codes, the EPA's Energy StarTM program, utility company programs and other state, federal and local initiatives; as a result, building owners reap the benefits of tax rebates and other financial incentives.

Custom Green Construction is proud to be your green general contractor and green builder.




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