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Green Construction That Makes Sense
You want comfortable, beautiful, efficient spaces in which to live and work. They must be green and sustainable, with the least possible impact on the environment and your budget.

Custom Green Construction works with you to take your project from wish list to reality.

We can help you enhance your site's green potential. If you don't yet own New Hampshire real estate, we'll help you find a site suitable for green building.

Using innovative residential and commercial design software, we help you develop a design that's both green and sustainable - a design that's kind to your own and the earth's environment and that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Then, we shepherd your design through the approval and permitting process.

Next, we identify and coordinate the subcontractors your project needs, drawing on our proven team of experts in green site preparation, foundations, framing, insulation, roofing, electricity, plumbing, heating, ventilation, flooring and landscape.

Finally, we manage your project onsite, from groundbreaking to completion.



Custom Green Construction helps your new home or commercial space reap these benefits:

  • Tax credits and other financial incentives

  • Control over building costs: many green products cost the same as traditional products; recycling and efficient material use lower costs

  • Long-term savings: lower utility costs, better resale value

  • Healthier environment: heating is more even, air quality is better, materials do not emit off-gases




174 Concord Street
Suite 300
Peterborough, NH 03458

Custom Green Construction