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Custom Modular for More Control
Custom modular buildings are beautiful - and at the same time more energy efficient, healthier and better for the environment because they're built under factory control.

When they leave the factory, these modular green buildings already qualify for Bronze certification by the National Association of Home Builders and are LEED and Energy Star certified. Smart site design and various upgrades can bring the project to a Silver or Gold level. Modular residential and commercial buildings test higher than conventionally built structures for energy efficiency.

From a cozy cottage to a luxury mansion to commercial space, Custom Green Construction helps you customize the modular structure for your lifestyle and budget. We work with the leading manufacturers of fully custom-designed, fully green, modular buildings, including New Hampshire's own award-winning Epoch Homes.

One out of every ten homes built in the Northeast is a modular home, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Your factory built modules will be assembled onsite under the supervision of Custom Green Construction.


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"Modular home buyers benefit from the short assembly time of their home - reducing weather damage or home site vandalism. Over the life of the home, modular homes save money because they are incredibly efficient."


With Custom Green Construction in charge, modular construction saves you time and money:

  • Site preparation and manufacturing occur simultaneously--when the site is ready, the building is ready

  • Manufacturing takes less time in the factory environment, and materials are used and recycled more efficiently

  • Green modular buildings can be designed to accept solar panels, geothermal systems and other alternative energy sources




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Custom Green Construction