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Remodeling the Green Way
How green is your home or commercial space now? How much benefit can you expect from a green remodel? Which properties are the best investments for green remodeling?

Custom Green Construction conducts an energy audit before you begin remodeling. You know the costs and potential benefits from the start. If you're buying a building with the goal of remodeling, we help you find a home or commercial space that's suitable for green remodeling and evaluate it before you purchase.

We alert you to incentive programs offered by the State of New Hampshire, the federal government and utility companies, such as tax credits for Energy Star rated windows and rebates for geothermal heating. We develop a cost-effective green design, take care of permitting and oversee the entire green remodeling project.

With Custom Green Construction at the helm, you always know exactly what it will take to achieve the green results you want.

"In evaluating the existing structure, there are four areas to assess: the thermal envelope, the moisture barrier, mechanical systems and structural defects."



Custom Green Construction looks for ways to:

  • Improve the energy efficiency of the entire building when adding a second story

  • Install a longer lasting roof when new roofing is needed

  • Improve water and energy efficiency and reduce the use of products that emit off-gases when remodeling a kitchen or bath or building an addition

  • Rectify structural defects, such as reducing air leakage and improving ventilation




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Custom Green Construction