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The Best in Green Building and Remodeling
Custom Green Construction knows that green building in New Hampshire means more than energy efficiency. We're committed to preserving and enhancing the green potential of your site, recycling, reducing waste, reusing materials and using regional materials - factors that also lower your green building and green remodeling costs. You gain a healthier, stronger and more sustainable residence or commercial space with greater resale value, as well as the satisfaction of helping the environment.

In the last decade, innovative products and construction strategies have helped equalize the costs between green building and traditional building. Custom Green Construction will help you reap those benefits by using:
  • Wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • Engineered wood products that are stronger and more durable than harvested wood and less damaging to forests
  • Alternative framing methods that reduce the cost of raw materials, such as open joist floor framing and finger jointed studs
  • Practical on-site strategies for minimizing waste and recycling materials
  • Insulation techniques that result in energy savings for the life of the structure
  • Building materials that minimize Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions
  • Alternative roofing products that extend the life of the roof
  • Ventilation strategies that improve indoor air quality and create a more uniform temperature all year long
  • Efficient piping systems that reduce water and heat consumption
  • Landscaping using native plants, to reduce the need for fertilizers, herbicides and watering

Custom Green Construction pre-qualifies the real estate, plumbing, heating, electrical, landscaping and construction professionals we work with. Our mission is to realize the green potential of your property, home or commercial space, using the most cost-effective techniques and materials for green building and remodeling.

"A home energy rating includes a thorough, on-site evaluation of a home's energy features. The rater gathers more than 200 pieces of data, such as the R-values of insulation, efficiency of windows and the delivery efficiency of space and hot water heating systems."



Green Definitions:

A green building uses resources (energy, water, materials) more efficiently and has fewer impacts on human health and the environment during its lifecycle. Siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance and recycling all affect the greenness of a new or remodeled home, office or commercial building.

The term "sustainable building" is often used in the same way as "green building." Sustainability focuses on lowering the consumption of natural resources so that they can be renewed rather than used up. Sources of sustainable energy include wind, geothermal and active/passive solar systems. Sustainable building products include bamboo and FSC certified wood.




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Custom Green Construction